MASTER CLASS with James V. Hart

Hello, any who are still wanting updates on my lovely site, I have NEWS!  

Currently, I am working very hard on my writing from screenwriting both television and feature to dipping my hand into the novel writing.  Things are slow, but I’m practicing and that’s what counts. 

Classes are very important.  Never stop learning.  So, I’m bringing to attention one of the many classes I’ve been taking (or will take), the Masterclass with James V. Hart hosted by Screencraft and the Los Angeles Film School.  

It is a weekend of a working screenwriting MASTER, author of HOOK and AUGUST RUSH among others, sharing his method and teaching new, exciting ways of mapping out emotional structure in a movie.  

Held November 12th and 13th if anyone in the Los Angeles area wanted to reserve their badges!  Or checkout the HartChart, a software designed by James V. Hart to analyze the “hart” of any film. 

I’ll keep updating with more classes and film reviews, so stay tuned!