Hello everyone!

I got turned around and misread a party invite so I was SEVERAL hours early (like twelve) for an event SO I decided to go to a museum.  Two actually.

IMG_2862Los Angeles is a hub of culturally diverse people.  For instance, I met an Indian-Scottish woman on her way to work and a guy used the best pick-up line I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, La Brea Tar Pits Museum is right next to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Wilshire Boulevard.


It is almost impossible to not hate driving on Wilshire, btw.

I had time, and went museum crawling in my first installation of my field trip series.  There’s so much to do in LA that you can’t NOT do anything!

If you’re interested in my field trip, check out my Youtube channel, California Dime, and see for yourself!

Hiking the Hollywood Sign

So I decided to get out and about in the big city I can never see enough of!

I have ALWAYS wanted to see the Hollywood sign up close, like reeeeaally close, and I can say this was a satisfying hike.  My legs were killing me.  I should have been in bed nursing a sore throat (I paid for that later).  It was cold.  I got lost and saw a deer.


But I made it.  I found my own way up and made it to the top.

So far, I can only say that about trail hiking, but someday I’ll be on the top of everything I’ve ever admired.

Check out my youtube video about the hike and see for yourself!


A map of the Avenue of the Giants, a major tourist attraction for the town.

After two years of taking orders and making sandwiches, I FINALLY moved to Los Angeles to start in the Industry of art and drama, of comedy and story!

                                      at a catering event. woo.

I would love to say I’ll miss my hometown, but alas, after spending a few days in the city I have to say I’m still pinching myself.


In words I can’t really explain how this feels.  I haven’t done much with my time here, but the possibilities are still amazing to me.  I took at bus at 10 at night!  That is FLABERGASTING to a country girl like me.  Haha.

Conventions.  Meet and Greets.  Movie theaters with new releases!  Libraries and museums and street fairs and film festivals!

But all boasting aside, I will miss home.

My princess Gish in the bookcase I just packed away.

Behind me, I leave my cats and my dad, my childhood and my inhibitions.

Gish, Murray, Kilo, my Pops, my big queen bed and a uniform schedule of get up, go to work, and go home.  All of that is the past.

I’m not one to forget the little people, though.

Murray sitting on his usual pillow

Years of strict poverty aligned with white privilege have brought me up to this point.  Hundreds of people, both here and gone, have helped me find my way.

My dad’s cat, Kilo, who is actually a 50-year old man.

My mother’s easy support and artistic heart have meant a lot, but so has my father’s strict rules and morals of hard work.

They’ve taught me that you need both to truly live.  Art and discipline.  Passion and structure.   Paint without application is just pigment on the floor.  A canvas without color is simply blank.

But I also have something aside my own personal goals to strive for.

My two brothers and sister, I believe, look up to me.  As the oldest, I have a duty to set examples and lead the way.  It’s been that way since I stayed up all night and rocked my little sister to sleep who had just come back from the hospital.   I think the best path to lead is one you don’t regret. IMG_2728

Had I stayed in Garberville until my hair turned gray, my life wouldn’t be anything to document or look up to.

So when everyone says how brave and scary chasing my dream is, I think back to my family, to those people who have been there to support me, and to what has inspired me.


IMG_2727 (1)

It’s worth it.  My god is it worth it when you see that sign ahead of you.  Wherever your Garberville is, whatever your Hollywood is, I’m telling you now that dreams are worth chasing.


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