Power Rangers (2017)

It’s Morphin time.  Directed by Dean Israelite. 
Power Rangers is a concept that everyone has been exposed to either in youth watching the show or subjected to the satire in some form, and as someone who had only seen the latter I’m pleased with this one.
It has everything we want in a new action movie: super hero aspects with human reality to build the stakes of action and emotion.  It’s seemingly fast paced but juggling six storylines without the lengthyexpositional silioquies is not a job that’s easily done.  Props to screenwriter John Gatins for delicately laying out story in a more interesting way.  

Of course the use of a campfire is a good portal to exposition, some storylines were shallow and didn’t have the depth they should have been allowed, but I’m giving benefit of the doubt for the sequel.  And there will be a sequel with all the set up: everything from the possibility of a green ranger to Elizabeth Bank’s single-dimensional antagonist threat of future villains.
Overall it wasn’t too new-aged to lose the nostalgic niche nor too overwritten to succumb to the bash clanging narrative of an action packed superhero movie.  Personally I was manipulated by the careful story, the balance of action and emotion, and the satisfying end make this to be a hit action movie.