NETWORK (1976)


“Prepare yourself for a perfectly outrageous motion picture!” 

When the aging UBS news anchor, Howard Beale (Peter Finch), reacts badly to the news that he’s fired due to low ratings, the network give him his own show to bring in a new audience who tune in every week to see his lunacy play out on television. 

This story follows the people making the moral decision to capitalize on an old man’s ravings and delusion and just how far they are willing to go for ratings.  

Watching this, I was floored by the realism in the dialogue, with the natural human thought just vocalized on the screen!  With all the poeticism amongst the harsh reality of this “possibly fairy tale” of redemption and realization, it’s no wonder this one Cheyefksy an Oscar for best original screenplay. 

It’s funny, it’s crass, it’s sexy, disappointing, real, angry, and makes you think about your place.  Are you one of the lambs that stick your head out of the window and scream you’re fed up with everything, or are you calling the shots?